Tuesday, October 9, 2012


It's getting down to the last few weeks of good weather here in Illinois. So we have been out everyday trying to get it in before mother nature shits on us for the next 4 to 5 months. Today we started at Roselle skatepark to warm up and get a clippeach done. Then we set off into the streets. Ended up riding a nice kinked rail before the rain came. More soon...
-Teezy F
Cheesing already.  Of COURSE!
3 of the most serious people in the world...
Zoltan is a younger cat that works with JE.  Here he is with a nice 270 bar over the hip to end a line.
JE and Wescott looking at the gap out of the park, about to get it!
Wescott with a BIG DIPPER!
Another angle of the blue cheese DIP!
JE casual 3'd out of the park as he's done so many times before
Joey Bagz with a Turndown.  No 3 Invert?
Joey Bagz has fun 99.5% of the time
Wescott muggin down this wee kink rail for some after hours business.  Keep an eye out for an edit with Wescott soon

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