Saturday, August 4, 2012


I have been stacking clips and i am about to finish up this edit after the Columbus trip is over cant wait ! Peeep this Eddy from our dudes holding it down in Columbus.Ughhhhhhh

-ario and Luca Demarco (collectively The Scots) have filmed a ton of clips in the States and abroad that haven’t been used…until now! Featuring riding from Rob DiQuattro, Alex Donnachie, Dario Demarco, Luca Demarco, Steven Hamilton, Bo, Graeme Davidson, Torey Kish, Tony Wencil, Chris Tolley, James Chalmers, Damian Racut, and Josh Keating, this is a comeback video to get Dario back into editing. Really excited to see more of these as the vibe is great. There’s plenty of great footage, including some wild nose manuals from Alex Donnachie and Rob’s last line.


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