Monday, April 16, 2012


Dayum it's been ages since I made a post! My motivation to do anything has been at an all time low since I can't ride, or walk for that matter. Anyway, fuck it, here I iyuhh... Just got back from a 6 week venture to Tenerife, Espana with the AmityBikeCo crew and what a fucking wild trip that was. Such an amazing trip. Here's a few random pics I gathered from the journey.
Tenerife, from dar plane.
LIDL session, crate of brew. Cam reppin' dar TGF.
Shortly after, dar crate was history.
Homie from South Tenerife. He was rollin' up hash and said he was a TGF fan, so I tossed him some shades. Stoked!
Boat life. Hash smilez. What a fucking trip that was. Were gonna use the pics from the trip for some shit coming up so that was just a few nuggets.

Here's another reminder to come out to 4 Seasons Milwaukee on Friday night (4/20!) and Pitch Bike Park in Mundelien, IL on Saturday the 21at for a Gully Factory Jam following the premiere of BSD's new DVD "Any Which Way". You already know it's gonna be a party so make it out and get hyfe!

Lastly, just seen this today on dar interweb. Homie's DY and Tony Neyer straight killing shit out in Long Beach, CA. These fools go hard.

That's all for now, check back soon for more updataz.
200 -- @TGFjdub

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