Thursday, February 23, 2012


What up from Tenerife, Spain?! Just touched down two days ago, so stoked on it here! But anyway, on the flight over here, I was bumpin' some BIG MOE and thought I'd make a little random to one of his gulliest tracks.  Peep dar!!!

While I'm postin', might as well throw up some goowonz from the homies as well... Matt Closson just did a sick edit from his local park in Vegas, Desert Breeze.  You already know Closson stay killin' shit on his bike.  Peep dabber!

Last but not least, the homie Cadger just dropped a BANGIN ass edit for ODI grips.  The kid seriously goes soooo fucking hard in this.  BIG UPS CADGER, you a g!

Thats all for now... I only have internet when I go to the cafe so I'll try and update some more soon! Stay gull everyone!
200 -- @TGFjdub

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