Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Seen a couple Den Skatepark locals in the mainstream BMX media today! I wish left hand manuever ninjas (front brake niggas) Mike dinello & nick harkins(aka darkskin) would get more coverage cuz theyre animals! first is some contest vid from minnesota featuring nick harkins, tyler halverson, ben highlander, Kuuuuba, and possible don rich, i duno i didnt watch it all, but kurt over at DarUnion did a tidy write up about with some photos here... Also, i dont want to embed bnqt's wack ass player on our page, so check kurts post with the video here... THANKS KURT, your hard work allows me to be an even lazier blogger!!

I also spotted this mike d clip! seen mikey do this before an dozens of other crazy stunts, he kills every aspect of riding and works like some sort of possessed polak as well!! Peeps belowche...


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