Sunday, February 12, 2012


So I just got back to Illinois after another month+ on the road... What a trip it was, Tulsa for a week straight back to Chi then few out the next day for almost 4 weeks to Vegas.  Anyway, not as much updating from the trip as I really should have, but shit happens... Here is a few lil random nugs that are worth mentioning.

Tammy McRATCHET just got surgery on his knee, he tore his MCL in England and the doctor just removed it completely.  What's hard to believe is that right before he went in for surgery, Tammy was out shredding getting mad cloppertons with the SoCal homies.  Tam shuts shit down, wether he's hurt or not. I luh D-A-T-O-Boy! Get well soon bruvvah mayne!

Here's a re-up of a recent Kings Rideshop edit he threw together from some pre-surgery footage.  Tammy is a G!

Matt Priest just made the switch from Amity to Verde, which upsets me... But he still fucking kills it on his bike and just put out this new nugget. Peep dar.
Well thats about it for now... Be on the lookout for an Osiris edit dropping real soon!
200 -- @TGFjdub

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