Tuesday, December 27, 2011


So we was about to ride The Bakery one night and when we pulled up to the building, there was mad folk present for this music video shoot. We ended up getting in the mix with all the fools present, and me and McD even stayed late to get slabbed with the OG goons. What a wild night... Anyway, I came across this behind the scenes video from that night. I slightly remember getting interviewed while rolling a blunt with Jay Stonez but it unfortunately didn't make the edit. If you look real close at 3:46 you can spot a glimpse of BK and McD. We ratchet.
One last comment, 2 Chainz swag is so rediculous in this! Snake skinned bill and strap on the NY Jets hat, undone. Cell phone with OG rotary dial phone plug in adapter. Perma burning blunts and perma filled lean cup as part of his outfit. I'm not too much of a fashion connoisseur, but I'm sure there is way more gull that I have no idea about. Anyway, I'm out. Peaches and Cream.
200 -- @TGFjdub

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  1. This is whats up!! Kinda Jealous of that jets hat.