Friday, October 28, 2011

POST 1235!

EUGHHH! Only way I know how to start this post! Anyway, just figured I would drop a lil' update on y'all real quick. A new feature is in the works called Clipeach where we at a spot and everyone shreddin gets one clip each. Easy enough right? So be on the lookout for one from Estabrook and more of these comin' soon. Here's a screengrab of the Grant C chuckin bars out the smith.
And Loof, supa hyfe after clip review.
In other news, there's a bit of leftover nugs from this and that to toss another super ultra random edit together. Be on the lookout for dar soon as well. Also, today I spotted this super ultra GGN video Snoop Dogg put out where he just discusses a bunch of random categories under the alias "Nemo Hoes". Snoop is a legend. Fux wit em.
Ill leave y'all with a throwback TGF eddy from around this time last year.
And lastly, a screengrabba of JE making one of his most famous quotes. Can you name that quote?! HA
200 -- @TGFjdub

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  1. bitch ima motorboat ya puuuuuussss