Saturday, September 17, 2011


Interbike was fucking nuts. I'm back in Illinois now on the road to recovery. All the boys from all over made it out. You know the Gully got mad love for errybody. I'm waiting for some pictures or video to surface of our super Gully stretch limo ride with the Fiend and Trip homies. Non stop hyph from Nora Cup to the after party. Anyways, while at Interbike. RideBMX was giving out stacks of the latest October Issue. For those unaware, There is a Chicago scene report in this.. A good bit of the Gully crew got some shine in there as well as the rest of the mag.
RideBMX October Issue OUT NOW!
Front spread of the article, featuring Myself.
On this page we have the legendary Brian Kachinsky along with Josh Eilken on the bottom left with a beast fakie hop
Here we have two Chicago locals Eric Block and Weird Mike flying high on both sides, with Lil Kyle in the middle.  Thats Lil Kyles first published photo ever so congrats to him!
Our Boy Timmy Theus with a big ass 180
Reed Stark with a big ass fakie grind to inward 180 in the focus section of the magazine.  Might recognize this from the recent BSD edit "Reed Stark Visits Malouf & Markese"
Another good homie of ours JJ Palmere also in the focus section
Along with Eric L who has the main Interview of the Issue.  
And Drew York who's in the far back with a bitchen Osiris ad.
Go out and get yourself a copy! More soon..
-Teezy F Baby

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