Thursday, September 1, 2011


Peep this new D-oh-dubs ft. some smooth singin goomba.. also be sure to catch some hipster black folk get their fixies stolen at 1:10 hahaha
more importantly, grant put this beast vid of bsd mate Jason Teet up on the bsd site.. Best known for his Blazeguard fame, jason is a beast forsure, even tho the canucks are a filthiest team in the nhl... anywho peeps belowche...
Lastly, head over to the Solid site to peep their new vid for an upcoming dig feature, keep an eye out for Cody Bowers clips cuz hes reppin a gully T!!!!! Ill P.O.D. a grab of that, be sure to check out Dane Madsen's new TGF tatt i seent the the gull FB as well..

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