Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Sup Ya'll ?!? I've been on a Level Below trip for the past 5 days in Minnesota. Shit went super well. The Crew was one of the best in a awhile. I'd say keep up with Dar Level Below to stay tuned with full detail. But until the edit/article drop... Check out these pictures from the trip. Their all photos that people tweeted of me. This was the first trip I have gone on in over a year with out bringing any of my cameras. It really felt great! But I missed it a wee bit...
Drawing at dinner one night.

Drawing with water once all the paper was gone.
Snoozing during one of the drives between stops.
Non-stop hyph in the Comatose Row!
Geared up at the gas station.  
Back Seat Sippaz!  ComaRow!
Center Council in the camp room.  The only room with carpet in Starks house
Outside view of the ComaRoom!
Steadily eating hard boiled eggs on the road.  Mmmm.....
Thats its for now. Keep a look out on THE LEVEL BELOW to see the Edit from the trip as well as an online article featuring photos shot by Jake Geisel.
-Teezy F Baby

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