Friday, September 23, 2011


Day 4 of the Amity September Tour and finally I get a chance to hit ya'll wit an update. So far, we have hit up Corby, Brighton, and Bournmouthe. All have been fun ass stops riding wise with a really good turnout of fans. We've been handing out mad stickers, posters and parts to the little lads, getting em hyped. Either way, here's a few pics Sam Wise shot from the trip.
Me and Tam assembling bikes and spliffs.
Hotel hyfe, kush and tea steam.
Out in front of the BMX Plus shop in Bournmouth. This was such a good turnout, prolly like a hundred kids showed up to get some freebies and sigs from the crew.

Unfortunately, TamTam fell yesterday on a 180 out of the park and tweaked his knee. He's hurting bad right now but hopefully hell be good before the end of the trip. As well, we have been out of the internet loop, but heard yesterday of the news of the banned boys. Such a tragedy... RIP to both Rickey and Gary from everyone on the Amity crew. You will be missed!

200 -- JW

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