Sunday, September 11, 2011


"The world bank and the IMF have created a system of modern day colonialism that make the people of the developing world poorer and the multi-national corperations richer and take the power away from all of us. It's time to take back control of our lives and tear down these monuments to greed and build our new world from the broken peices."
It aint a mystery That US history
Was built upon the graves Of native ways and beaten slaves
Yeah, we're all free and braveUntil we misbehave
And there's just no escape From the crushing weight Of the police state
Two towers falling down I'll be at zero ground
We're flying friendly skies Until the city dies
And you don't wanna see Through human history
Empires will rise and fall This is the final call
I pledge allegience to no flag Top that bottle with an oily rag
We're building up an army fast To destroy the pigs and break the upper class
Im only one this is my voice But you're gonna have ta make a choice
I dont care if you disagree 'cause this fucking thing It means the whole world to me
We won't be hypnotized By "old dominion" lies
This time the truth is told When you're sick to death of being bought and sold
Our freedom's been misplaced Fuck that it's been erased
The worlds a shooting range Im gonna spare some change To uphold the stock exchange...
"Their skewed development policies kill people every day and they keep us so hypnotized that even though it's right in front of our eyes we don't see it. World Trade is a death machine."


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