Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I was lookin' thru my phone and forgot I even snapped these guys. Instapost.
Reed and John D picked me up at like 7 AM with a fat ol' jibberstien twirled eughhp. After blowin' dahhr up, Reed insisted that we needed to hit Gregg's. That shit went ultra hard.
Pregame pints in Edinborough before puttin the slams to 2 fifths of Rumple on the train to London.
One fifth deep, already can't see str8.
Instacrack dahhr # 2.
We was getting bitched at by all the other passengers for being too hyfey, but we just said fuck em and remained hyfe level maximum. JE would have been proud.
I managed to get a catch a bit of the slab show on video as well, look out for dahhr poppin' up sometime in the future. Anyway, I found a few other pics I'm about to post up over at Amity. Peep Dahhrz.
200 -- JW

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