Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Yestaday the goons and myself went out to find some new spots. We came across tons of new gutch in the Glendale Heights industrial area. Markese was killin it on his bike and with the gear. I think I heard him say he left home with out any upper body garments and just hit the thrift store. Said he was looking for the thinnest, most vented shirt he could find. Eventually finding this amazing Planet Hollywood button up and a caution orange snap back that said siemens on it.
Here's J.E. and The KID watching the Matt Markese show.
I'm telling you the boy was shining...
J.E. was snappin photos of the crew.
I got myself on top of a roof for the first time since I broke my wrist. Shit went well. I been puttin in work for a new Osiris edit lately.
We ended the day at Glendale Heights Hospital where Markese blasted out this rail ride. Twice!
Then we got some adult soda's and kicked back. More updates soon... New site in the works. Low key......
-Teezy F Baby

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