Saturday, June 18, 2011


AYEEEZ! J-dub checkin in from Hastings, England where me and the crew just got booted from about every bar in the city... One of the crew even got barred from the city itself, wild night indeed... Anyway, I was supposed to fly home to the states on Monday, but thanks to Amity Bike Co, I'll be chillin in Europe for another 5 weeks.  To that I says fugg yarr!!!

In other news, got plenty edits bout to drop for dahhr Gull.  Alex V edit droppin' within a day or two, that shit bangs, be on dahr lookout! Also gotta Unit23 edit done featuring myself, Reed Stark, and Kriss Kyle.  With them, I gotta Amity in Rotterdam edit to shab together, as well as a Matt Yarr-kese edit from his recent visit to my hometown.   Thangs happening! It's late as fugg tho, I'm out like the filla.  Here's one last photo from my birthday at Unit 23, sick times fashoz!
200 -- JW

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