Thursday, June 2, 2011


First off, props to j.e. for the new madera flick, comin back after a horrific injury cant be easy haha! Anyways ive been doin all kinds of sellin out, cut my hair, shaved, i used deoderent, went to the movie theater and last but not least, im about to regurgitate a vid i seent the TCU.But it s a Jew Stohnson production so gwa!

Also, peep this eddy for SSt's Jesse Garcia's bike shop's advertisement's effort's..... sorry Be sure to click the link to see the new SSt layout
Anybody know how i can stretch the toast jam vid to 570?!?!?!?


  1. width 570 and height at 355.
    when you past the code look for
    width"400" and change it to 570.
    do the same for the height.
    you should have to do this twice with espn, banquet, and other not vimeo/youtube videos!