Thursday, June 9, 2011


Sorry y'all for my super lack of posts! I dont have a electric converter for american plug in so I can't keep my gear charged up too easily. My lappy been dead for days... Anyway, the trip to France was rediculous. It rained pretty much the entire weekend so we took off a couple days early and hit up Rotterdam on the way back. WAAY good street there, plus coffeeshops where you can get chu some legal gutch. Got a lil' one day edit filmed and captured, but can't edit until I get this computer charged eughhp... Anyway, I'll be low key chillin' in London until Monday til I meet up with Mikey King and get some gutch filmed. Can't wait! Sorry again for the slack of updates... But I just busted my knee real good so it's about blug-o-clock...
200 -- JW

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  1. That sound too G.
    best Film a bunch of Gwa.