Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The BSD boys are done with Ride to Glory. It looks like they won't be back for next year. Although it was very close. I guess they had a similar scenario to last year. BSD came in 3rd after the first count. Then the organizers realized that they had forgot a mess of points. After that I guess BSD won. Thats where the story ended last year. This year it continued further to where BSD was late for the final day due to picking up Verde's Dave Thompson. The points deducted from being late bumped BSD out of the Winning spot. LAME!!!! Thought I was going to get to go on 2 Ride to Glory's after all. Anyway the two Gully rats on the trip are now back in Scotland. Reed will be over there for a bit, so expect more from them fools soon.
-Teezy F baby

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