Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Unfortuately, datoboy Alex Vazquez had to depart from Illinois a day or two ago. This last 2 weeks for me has pretty much blended into one long day, but I luhh dahhrr shit. Anyway, Alex shredded his face off from Chicago to Davenport and everywhere in between. We even got to stay a night at The High Life house, which is super ultra megappreech!!! Here a little gully snappa from right before our super ultra fade asses departed from D-port. A-Stech hyfe present.
So after Tulsa's finest flew back home, me and Tam Tam met up with demoboyz Tony Malouf and David Grant. We all went out riding yesterday and got plenty gutch. Even Tony Neyer and Andy Brady showed up for the rachit. Heres a little lifey nug from a little sesh at Schaumburg yesterday.
Nugs got clopped, indeed. Anyway, to make a long story short, T got eddys on deck, I got eddys on deck, "TGF be bangin', and charready know what im muhhfukkin sayin."
200 -- JW


  1. dang that sucks, wish i coulda been at olympic when yall were there