Sunday, May 22, 2011


So I just found out the other day I am going to London and taking a roadtrip to FISE in Montipellier, France at the end of this month.  8 days, I'm so pumped!!! But anyway, this weekend has been super ultra megz.  I came up big on a camera phone so I have been shnappin' gully's.  Here's what went down this weekend.

My dude from way back, Danny Insley, arranged a stretch limo for himself and all the goons to shab out in on the way to some bar like an hour away, for free which makes it even better.  So we are pre-slabbin super hard and when we finally take off, the alternator dies about 5 minutes from the house.  So there we are in the middle of the video store parking lot just getting S.U.M.  buck.  Some people claimed for it to be hot in the limo, I said fuck that! I never party in them so I just stretched out presidential and proceeded to roll blugs and slam beer/liq.  2 hours later, I'm fucked, and about 12 of us jump in the back of a pickup and end up at the bar. Crewed up.  Sick night!!! You see G swaggy himself in the mix right above.

Then last night, my sister had a graduation party. Congrats to her for that! But the likes of Matt YARR-kese and Mr. CJ West made their way to the falls and we proceeded to slab strong.  At one point in the night I couldn't walk straight and the only idea I had was to make the fire bigger.  The fire got bigger indeed.  So with that being said, here's datoboy kese doin' some sort of indian bernie around the super ultra fire.

These boys will be in town tonite and tomorrow riding and clopping some gutch... If you are around the Falls and wanna kick it, HOLLA! We puttin' blugs in the aiirr!
200 -- JW

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