Monday, April 4, 2011


We been chillin' in San Diego for the last few days... Southern Cali is so dope. We made it to Enerson's house for a Nike jam the other day and had soooo much fun! Josh Hayes from DEFGRIP posted a lil photo gallery so I grabbed up on someuhhdem. We'll start off with that ol' boy Marr Closson going super ultra high on a tabes out the quarter.
Then we have Tam Tam in the mix, having more fun than everyone else there.
I was so stoked to see TY doin' good after his head business. After we puffed a branch, the dude proceeded to kill the ramp on his skate. Dap stall.
This pic is too good not to post... Nothing going on in this but super ultra HYFE. Big Daddy getting super pumped and everyone else, includeing Closson and Catfish chucky cheezin...
Be on the lookout for a lil' HD murph droppin of a lil session at Mohawk park in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Charrrrrrbubbakush.
200 --- JW

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