Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Ride to Glory 2011 is coming up in May. Chubreaby know that BSD is on that mug again. Grant Smith A.K.A. (Cid King) posted our Ride to Glory section from last year on facebook and it inspired me to re-post it up on here. Chur Bubba!
-Teezy F Baby


  1. One of my favorite sections on the Ride To Glory DVD and gets regular watching before sessions when we roll up blunts. I seriously got Philly kids so stoked on BSD, and The Gully Factory. Which rules, since I don't think alot of kids knew how awesome what you and Grant have going on until I told them to check out other videos aside from the one above. Now they all want WZA frames and Gully shades. When I get paid I need to check to see if I can buy some shirts and what not. Love the leaf design a ton. But I hit my face earlier. Ruben wallrides on flat walls to start a line to face plant wasn't fun but it could've been alot worse.Cheers.