Monday, April 11, 2011


So yea, I was supposed to leave Vegas the other day.  However, like you read in T's previous post, I blew it and missed my flight. Resulting in spending the rest of the weekend in Vegas, so you already know that's never a bad thing... Anyway, I just been lowest of the key the past few days just relaxin' and putting in some Final cut work... I have some edits dropping soon so be on the lookout for them.

I got to talk to the whole group of goons in one phone conversation yesterday, which was so dope... Word on the streets is there is some GFE material in the works from recent in Illy.  Can't wait to get my eyes on that gutchy clow.  Anyway, my flight leaves tonite at 1:40 A.M.  I'll be finishing up this edit on the plane and hopefully dropping it shortly after I drop in on Chicago.  To end, Ill drop you with some gully pics I had layin' around on my computer... Enjoy.
 Screengrabba from the new Amity welcome edit.
 Blackout nights in Vegas with the goons.  HAHA!
I may have been super cudder, but this had me laughin...
200 --- JW

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