Wednesday, April 13, 2011


"Put ya head back like a nosebleed comin' thru..."
Me, T, and sick Geisel are straight bernied out burnin' gwabber taquitos at the Malouf compound... We had a sick ass day riding Milwaukee, getting frumpy with big poppa Kranz and looking for living arrangements for this summer. Low key, Milly is about to blow the fuck up. Anyway, T and JakeyG picked me up from the airport yesterday mad early, preroll included, and shortly after went down the street to MP and put that 'ol HMC to use. The eddy is droppin' shortly, but here are some preview grabbaz.
JW - dusty pop on that 'ol flat rail...
Sick Geisel himself, lookback crankaz
Looche over the big box wit a Johnny P grabba.
Lil' K - mid line nosey...
Charrbubblestiens... Straight frumpy.
200 -- JW