Tuesday, April 19, 2011


A big day for AmityBikeCo today! The boys over at TheComeUp were dope enough to premiere my Welcome to Amity edit that dropped today.   Thanks so much for the help guys!  But this is from my last trip to Vegas and San Diego from like 2 weeks ago.  Filmed by Tammy McParty and Matt Closson, huge shout out to those G's for the support as well. Anyway, enjoy the eddy.Speaking of McParlington, that 'ol boy Tammy teamed up with Miles to film a murphy at Tammy's childhood park, Santee.  By watching this edit, you can definitely tell Tam grew up riding there, he completely murders the spot.  The kid is seriously way too good.  So pumped to be on board with this dude for 2011. Peech dormeech.Thanks again to everyone involved that helped make/post these two edits, it's good to see a bunch of different crews from all over working together in BMX. Much appreech!!!
200 -- JW

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