Thursday, March 17, 2011


Kurts has been busy over at BMXunion,he recently caught up with Jeff Dowhen aka J-Dozah, to talk about BSD, Madera, his recent MCL tear & of course Jon Wells... Mustache Mouradian on the snaps

Also, he shot a few questions at TGF Par-Slayer J.E. aka J.bino aka no-browz aka Magully Culkin aka on C sheens D aka Josh Eilken to talk about wheres hes at n what is goin on with us in months to come. Ignore the nice things he says about action village, in true sketchy BMX company fashion, they dropped him without sayin anything for weeks and ignored all attempts at communication. Rumor has it that AV big cheese, Jason Start has been tryin to pay his riders with stickers instead of money...


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