Monday, March 7, 2011


Haven't updated in days but finally got to San Diego... Hella pift but I figured I'd throw something up...
But we've been in Tulsa kickin' it with DY, AV, Big A, Cobes and the rest of the T-town goonies. After a day there we went to Texas for a night, and then to Phoenix, Arizona... Arizona was wild, good times were had there... 6 hours more in a car, and here we are in San Diego... Gettin work done, makin moves, ya dig?

In recent news, TGF ridaz Josh Eilken and David Grant have left their sponsors. Interesting...

Big ups to TheHighLife for postin all that gutch Boosie. Seen this on there and laughed like a mug.

Im out.

200 --- JW

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