Thursday, March 24, 2011

POST 900 + 150K

J-Dubs checkin' in real quick before my first trip for Amity Bike Co to make The Gully Factory's 900th post. I'm about a half hour from jumping in the car, and heading to Davenport, IA to kick it with one of the Gulliest to walk the earth, A. Stech... I haven't seen dude in too long! So I'll be par-litifying with that ol' boy, then he droppin' me off at the airport at 7. At 10:10 tonite, I'll be landing in LAS VEGAS!!! Can't wait, should be an amazing time...

Also, if you have seen the site counter lately, were about to be hitting 150K views! I want that shit to be there by the time I land in Vegas!!!
Now most of the goons will understand the pic above.  But for those who don't, I felt it was only appropriate to post the clip.  This scene is epic.Huge thanks again to all the gully viewers out there for putting TGF in your lives!  Come back soon now, ya heard?!?!?!
200 -- JW

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