Monday, March 14, 2011


4 Seasons may be having its last MidwestBMX night for the winter seasons, so anybody with the means to make it up there should. Kurt over at BMXunion did a great job with a 4seasons intervie of sorts, while stayin busy with a trip to toronto with J dozah and many other, click this link to see what Neal has to say...
Photo: Luke Mouradian, Ryan Wert droppin in
HACSS(hoodasscaddyshacksweatshirt) churned up a buncha eddies recently, among them Glenview & Northbook skate vids, set to the late great notorious B.I.G...
Also, Logan Reynolds put together this Jay-Dozah vid for Madera, using the left over clips for his upcoming 'This Is The Spot' video...
I feel like nobody knows how high Doz can hop on the regz..

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