Tuesday, March 1, 2011


In the spirit of MegaTour 10, im gona put all the 'BSD US' vids Tony made. T did a real good job with these n im sure yall wont mind peepin em..
First we got Chris Brown, C-Breeze is a sick fuckin guy, quiet cuz hes 'humbllllee yooo' and definitly ultramega fun to be around, plus its always good to have someone to shred rails with..

2nd is wee crabs eddy from his trip, tho im sure i irritate him immensly, this fool is a cloppin machine and im sure if he wasnt so soft, hed bash fools skulls in..

3rd vid is my (kese) welcome to the team vid. i was very disappointed with this, i mean, you sit there thinkin you got clips then its done n you realize ur basically not a very good bike rider, after close to ten years. if it wasnt so fun id quit ahah. either way Louch did a bang up job n the 'Vis song is dope.

Up next is the man himself, Tony Malouf, this vids dope cuz you get to see wheres hes been n what hes been up to, not to mention its a solid eddy with a few bangys in the mix to say the least, peeps!!

Reeds a fuckin G!! Too bad im always blackout/passout drunk everytime we 'meet'. i feel this vid really hit suckas over the head, really showing how rad an diverse reed is, also showin that BSDwa aint playin!!

But truth be told, we are playin. nothin but good times on this trip!! pretty much clownin and gettin buck all trip and gettin a few clow in between! big ups to DBG, cinci homies & ol boy keating for holdin us up on the road!! nother thanks to lil K for donatin oz. upon oz. of oowy gooy k*tch for the crew to inhale. sweet vid of a sweet time in my life for sure...


OH YEAH!! Be sure to see what BSD had goin on at Frostbike!! thanks to kurt at BMX Union for coverin it n pretty havin an awesome site in general..

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