Friday, March 11, 2011


Hey Ya'll. Being back in Illinois has been great.  The weather is still kind of shitty but I can smell the gutchy shit coming real soon.  Next weekend I'll be heading to Scotland for the BSD/NIKE Jam at Unit 23 Skatepark (Kriss Kyle's House) in Glasgow.  If you haven't seen the flyer yet it's just below.  You can see Kriss getting sideways without drinking for once.  What the flyer doesn't tell you is that I'll be going over with 50 limited edition Gully Factory shirts.  I'm not sure what they will cost yet.  But it will certainly be reasonable.  Be sure to bring some extra wedge with you if your in the UK and planning on making it to the Jam.  In other news their should be a new BSD edit out soon.  I filmed a short weekend in Austin edit for BSD just before Mega Tour started.  Should be a good one.  Thanks for checkin in.... Check back soon!
-Teezy F Baby

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