Monday, February 7, 2011


Finally, me and Tony made it back to the snow covered home turf in Illinois. The last two weeks of the trip, JE was with us keeping the hyfey level to a maximum. The trip couldn't have gone smoother. I gotta send out a huge thank you to everyone who let us stay at their crib and showed us spots around the various areas on the trip!!! The Gully Factory appreciates it very much! Anyway, now that we back in the area, the hustle level is about to rise. Gonna be shredding the indoor parks in the area and get some clow of all the locals killin' it. We also have a JW Gulltrip edit dropping this week so be on the look out for that. Here is a preview screengrabba from the murphy.

Also came across this gutchy ass pic from the trip. To say the least, old Deaner clopped some serious clow that night.
Thanks again to DY, AV, Miles, 918 Crew, Bobby Kanode, Josh and David, Kyle Carlson, Zac, Clossen,  Owen H, Larry Alvarado, David Grant, Reed Stark, Tammy McCarley, LaShaan Kobza, SD Crew and everyone else who helped make the trip super ultra mega gwarchy!!! Check back soon...
200 -- JW

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