Sunday, February 20, 2011


Last week, the whole Illinois Gully crew met up at Circus Skatepark to shoot some photos with Leep and shred. I decided to films a bit and clopped mad clow of the goons. T took over filming duty so I could get a few clips myself. While filming, T got a little close to a Mikey Dinello helicopter nosepick whip. The TRV got smacked good and the lens flew off. Unfortunately the camera body cracked a little and the lens has a fat nick in the middle of the outside element leaving it pretty much useless. Shit sucks, but shit happens. The gully films on... Chu alreadys.
Frame 1 - Inital contact
Next frame - Pegs to glass.
Next frame - camera glitch to camera shutdown.
G.F.E. droppin' soon...
200 -- JW

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