Saturday, February 5, 2011


Kese checkin for the 1st time in a dogs age! Rumor has it Louche, Sceezy n Jbino are gona be back home around midnight tonight!! To celebrate the occasion my gal Kelsey is trowin a bash. Ima put up some vids i seen on MidwestBMX jus cuz. The 1st featurin my good buddies from around the way, Don Rich & Alex Landeros, film/eddy by Tyler Halverson The 2nd features milly G Andy E puttin his stunt tubes to work with cameos from Chris Beers & filmer/editer Grant C. Im super stoked to see some Chris Beers and cant wait to ride with him this spring, as he has graduated from school and now has more time to ride!! Thanks to Jeff D aka J-Dozah for the posts!!

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