Friday, January 14, 2011


Kese checkin in with a quick post!! my ankkles been doin good so ima ride today and i think ill be at full force soon!! wish i could ride out side! Big ups to all the goons out west! Still waitin on my SST sticks!! Heres a quick davy eddy of Highlife Homie Lil Jeff... The following is a sick ass vid from F.A. featuring some party antics, some 'Nada clips/bangers and some stuff new to me, peeps... Finally, and of utmost gulltrafication, be aon the look out for a new Jdubs edit!!! i was lucky enough to see a rough eddy n its nuts, best 'Sceezy ive yet and some of the most innovative shit ive seen all together! cant wait! OH EA one more thing, what elsthe?! New bone track, this new downlaoder sucks, but hit the link and you can at least preview it, nad if you really want, download some sort of p2p jargon... i say dont do it, but preview the track

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