Friday, January 21, 2011


'When the pimps in the crib ma...'
Thought id re-up this Snoop/Wiz joint cuz i feel it wasnt properly appreciated.. Additionaly, im throwin up a quick reminder for the Circus contest goin on tomorrow, from what i heard, shits startin around noon, get there eh?
Also, its beyond my comprehension as to why ive been hearin the turn out for MidwestBMX night at 4seasons in milly hasnt been up to par, wish i had the gas to make it out there and anybody who has means to, but isnt, is a big fat queefin puuuhhhhhhsssss!!!
Lastly, i think a may have a new feature in the works for TGF, short lived as it maybe, folks may find it informative at least, or a complete failure who knows!

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