Thursday, January 13, 2011


We have been goin super HAM this week here in SD/El Cajon... While riding trails today, Reed busted on a cranked ass turndown and split his knee open all bad. Me and Malouf spent 7 hours in the sketchiest ER ever, it was seriously a wild zoo of a scene. Seriously too much for explanation. Anyway, after that mess we came back here to McParty Planet to get buck... That 'ol boy Montana Ricky and the Amity crew just showed up. They will be on the road for the next few weeks goin' ham, but sharready knowz. Shouts to SAYSUMTIN for the hook on some gutchy stickers... The crew for the night (minus the indusry ass dude Montana that was handlin' all that business man type shit). By the way, Montana Ricky gives a S.U.M. shout out to that 'ol fool Markese! To that I say what's really?!?!
200 --- JW

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  1. yyyyyyyyyyooooooooo montana stand up GF20'S SST