Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Got a bunch of vids for yall, but with the quicks i gotta say yarrr to all the homies out west, first i got this Snoop/wiz joint all about the goo over a classic Dre beat...This next one comes courtesy of Streetphire and the previous song goes great with it cuz its got no song, but they out in the cold riding, more than my pussy ass is doin so i dig it as should you.
Up next is the local homies from HACSS ridin the new rays, peeps belowche.. Finally, a quick skate vid i recently overlooked of Fa's newest Thomas Hawver.. Thats it for now!! couple other things caught my attention so maybe ill post a lil later today, seein as its only 8am over here haha, early to bed early to rise, oh yeah, looks like louche or dubs updated the GF Exclusive page aka Eddie Murphs, so click the previous link or hit the button with donkeys mug on it!! -kese

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