Saturday, December 18, 2010


That shit stand for "What's really, REALLLY GOOD?!"... Been a minute since that old 815 bottom boy been checkin' in, so here's a lil' update... I been sick as fugg for what seems like the last week. But we still been goin' hard as bricks. As ya'll seen, TM came thru with a little Osiris eddy, shit was banger... My angle wasn't HD so you will see that clow poppin' up somewhere soon. Sean Burns and Kurt unfortunately left town last night... Those guys are the sickest. Hours before Kurts flight back, he pulled one of the dopest things I've ever seen on a bike before. Make sure to peep BoneDeth's new video project titled "Rotten" to see the all that fire. In other news, I gotta edit from a game of BIKE between Tony Malouf and Bobby Kanode about to be finished for Fuel.TV. And as you may have heard this Grab will be the last of the series indefinately. We were told the series is on hiatus, so this may be the last time you see any Grab's dropping again. What can you do, right? Well we are still filming, so be on the lookout for other gutch dropping with the quicks. Here's Malouf getting that ol' boy Bobby Kanode on BI with a 180 down the set.I also got a little Eddy Murphy in the works for Felt. I'm psyched with the clips we got for it, should be done within a week or so. Here's a preview screengrabber of a footjam to can in a really fun Las Vegas ditch.Won't be slackin' this hard on posts again, so come back soon. Yardigs me?!
200 -- JW

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