Thursday, December 30, 2010


Couple of things i seent, a pretty rad vid of BSD mates Kriss Kyle & Chode Lafferty shreddin Unit 23 in Glasgow...Courtesy of Nearly, its got WeeCrab so its hittin 108k views haha! Also,TheTrip page got updated with a gang of rando squad pictures. SaySumTin comin with a mega old Mike Hoder, who i believe hails from the infamous Great Falls, section, probly before his split section with Davey Watson in Shook Ruff Draft or whatever it was.. Lastly, hit up MidWestBMX to peep the latest n greatest from Tippy!! i was stoked on the 180 disaster 180 joint on that hard to ride thing... yup. Ive come into possesion of a 2.5 ft tall triple perc volcano bong complete with a Illadelph ashcatcher/diffuser type joint... and ive noticed itd be a lot easier if i posted more frequently, instead of waiting a few days n throwin up these messes i keep comin with, o well.