Wednesday, December 1, 2010


More updates from the gully crew in Arizona... T loof is working on an GFE for the site as we speak and I just got done shabbing up Grab 31... Next weeks Grab features Tony, AV, Russ Wadlin, and Justin Coble having a quick 30 minute session at this Skateland spot in Tulsa, OK. Here's a screengrab of Alex Vasquez 180 turndown off the loading dock.In other news, we cooked up some bom-b for dinner...And as you can see, that ol' Sailor Jerry making an appearance. When Betley was here last night, we hit the Walgreens and came up on a boxed fifth and a 2-litre for the ultra low price of 7 bucks... Sharready knowz we had to go back today and grab the last package! We slabbin' as we speak at the polatio with Bobby Kenode.Lastly, here is a throwback pic from like 2 weeks ago, TM getting buzzed up by Drew York. That boy DY luh cigs... Yessir...
200 -- JW
POSTSCRIPT - Here's a screedgrab form the road... Gully scenery...

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  1. mmmhhhmmmmm that dinner looks to GEw.And DAT Sailor J