Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I say wassup Errrrbody? A say WHATS REALLLLY to the Gully Crew back in Illy. Like Wescott said in the previous post. Were off to L.A. tonight to stay with Larry Alvarado. Santa Barbara has been amazing. We beat the shit out of UCSB campus. It was Wescotts first California experience. Had Christmas And we smoked mad tree with our Illinois boy Owen. It couldn't have been better. So to share the Gwochery with you, I shnapped a couple screen grabs of some shit. Now Im about to go roll a Paul Blarch and make some soup mother fucker. LATER
Wescott was getting Hyphy over beautiful scenery.A big Ol' Blug calmed him downOwen is Gangster. Thanks for the Hospitality cuz-Teezy F Baby

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  1. SB shredding! getting Blarchy chilling with Paul all day!