Thursday, December 9, 2010


Throwin a quick post up for the homies, jus got done playin some hockey, fun fun stuff lemme tell ya, not very good but i do my best between the pipes ya dig?! Headin up to 4 Season's Bike Night hope to see a lot of rad folk, everybody should try n ,make it! Jon Wells put up this vid of Trent McD aka Mcsmash aka B.A.N. Nah jus playin McSmash kills it n puts some Chi spots to good use... Except i was tryin to see a 180 bar at :58, but chu know, it's whatevs.. Oh yea!! come to Bike Night!!! Additionally, BSD is sendin out there sick new Ghetto forks V2, cant wait to get ahold of those cuz the new dropout/forkleg is where i always be crackin forks and those new hubs look simple n im sure Grant has them functional, dudes a gahdamn aeronuatical engineer or some shit. Check the P.O.D. page for some new product photos, or hit the bsd link above, yea im overlinkin as usuall hahah. Tryin to be productice in this fuckin tundra... -kese

EDIT: i made the pod pictures to small n they suck, buuuut theres is a quick run down on invest-cst dropouts so peep it for that, but yea jus go to the BSD site..

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