Thursday, December 16, 2010


Never thought id say that, n i still cant ride parks well, but ridin in the winter is key and the days of me simply not riding in the winter are over. Andrew brady put an interesting piece on the subject up on his Addison Project, which is up and running now!! "...Circus, Four Seasons, and the soon to be opening Ray’s MTB have all shown their commitment towards two wheels. Krush Skatepark has not. The facts are there. Please make a intelligent and thought out decision the next time you go ride."
I jus got an email from Grant Smith, owner of BSD, that product will be in the US beginning 2011, distributor QBP will be carrying the gear. Peeps the trip we took belowche, thanks to SaySumtin for throwin it up!! LOW KEYYYY JOOOOOO
edit: malouf posted the trip edit right when i did so peeps above!

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