Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hiiiigh Lyyyyffeee

Peepd a new ApeStech throwaway eddy over on HighLife... I skimmed thru the new Fly trailer the other day, dont know how my attention span is bad enough to the point i have to skim a 2 min vid, but KP mentioned a wildly controlled nosey by Dylan Smith that warrented a second, more attentive watch.. Probly gona be a great watch! Available on 12/24 fa free on the Fly site, i love lookin at all of fly's products, theyre all so pretty n the matte/satin finish colors make me feel all warm n stuff. Its also fun to flip thru the WTP cranks colors, it can be pretty trippy, acid reflux!! Jus load up the crank page, biggify that shit, click thru the colors once to let it all load nicely, then enjoy seemingly seamless color flow! Yea i get all zooted n look at cool lookin bike parts so what?!

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