Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ApeStech, 4seasons,The Chode, & sst X mcsmokehella (feat. Fantastic Mr. Fox)

Bill Murray all day!!
HighLife goin hawwrd! ApeStech comn with the goo via Stevey Huxx eddy!!
Stoked for the next MidWestBMX night! Festive sweatshoyt hunt begins! 4seasons has been up to as of late! Pretty stacked crew and with additions like Timmy They i'm sure sessions are gona be gnarbuck this winter. The skate crew beent churnin steady vids as well!!
BSD mate Sean Lafferty pushin the beastbutton at the end, Nearly 2 is in the works.. Lastly, appearently some sorta SaySumTin and Tammy McSmokehella collaboration, hit the links to peeps the vids, seent em, theyre tight..


brutal and/or relevvant P.O.D.ss

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