Monday, December 27, 2010


As many of you know, Josh got all fucked up on Road Fools 18. Josh and I started working on this edit before the crash and finished it after his recovery. Some clips he's got all of his pearly white. And the rest he doesn't. You can even tell that Josh had like 4 different bikes over the span of the edit. I guess what I'm tyin to say is... Josh goes hard as Christopher Walken. Glad your back on full grind homie! Enjoy the Madera (Gully Produced) End of 2010 Eddie Murph.Here's a quick pic from here in Santa Barbara. You know the homies were getting festive last night with a little eggnog. I say What's Up Degroot?And home boy/cool guy Sean Burns has a new Osiris Eddie out today. Burns never disappoints. Plus Wescott and I filmed a bit of this, so you know it's Gutchy.-Teezy F Baby

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