Saturday, December 4, 2010


We in Arizona Coh.. Coh.. Cold chillin with local homie Bobby Kanode. We made that big ol' boy a hardy breakfast this morning. Probably the best he's eaten in years.We been eating oh so gutchully this past week. Peep the spread....Last night while we were kickin it. Bobby and I were about to go get LiQ and on our way out we found this stray dog just kickin it in the street. So we let that lil pimp come and get high with us.
Then continued to smoke tree...Lastly... There were a few edits floatin around today that I thought were Super Ultra Mega. Along with the Timmy TheY one below. Peeps the homie B.SIMMS shreddin in this new SET Eddie.Also dat boy Larry Alvarado puttin in work lately with a new Manna Machine Eddie. Peeps dis.And last bust not least you know I gotta put up something of my new boy Bobby Kanode!See ya'll again soon. In the next GRAB I mean!
-Teezy F Baby

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