Monday, December 6, 2010


Another update for yall from the polatio in Arizona. Me and loof on the daily grind workin' on runnin' thangs, but chu alreadys... Got another Grab from The Clouse Cellar that just dropped on Fuel.TV. This one features AV, Loof, Cobes, and Russ at this Skateland spot in Tulsa, OK. We caught grief from some worker right as the camera got pulled out, but we talked her into letting us ride until the owner showed up, which was supposedly going to be soon... 30 minutes later the sun went down and we dipped smooth and easy with clips from the whole crew... Peep it below.

In other news, we finally reached ONE HUNNID THOUSAND... Views that is... I speak for everyone involved in saying we are fucking pumped! Thanks to everyone who posts, as well as all the fans who visit the site! It's all one hunnid!! Speaking of daahhht, my dude A-Stech and THE HIGH LIFE been going hard as water in the freezer lately... They been postin mad skate edits from the QC homies as well as the usual THL gooh... I seen this vid below off on there. Shit had me chuckle cheezin... As they put it, "get fade, goto 1:10, and study." HA! Digs it.

At 1:43, when that goon ass dude come in the shot shoulder bobbin', I about lost it. Shit cracks me up. Anyway, I'm about to start on our new video feature on the site, Bluntage. The first edit will feature Lil' K and the Kingy Blug... To that I say what's really!? Until next time.
200 --- JW